Everyone, put your hands together

James B Maxwell
1 min readAug 3, 2021


Not the old paradigm.

While I’m perfectly capable of verbosity, I thought it fitting that my first publication on Medium be diminutive. It’s half observation and half word-of-encouragement.

The “clap” function on this wonderful, informative, disappointing, enlightening, and infuriating platform is distinctly not a “like” button. Unlike countless such buttons in the webosphere, it’s multi-tappable. So, Mediums of the world, cast FB, IG, LI, and the whole dizzying infinitude of social media latrines out of your mind and put your hands together for the thoughts, ideas, and utterances that move you.

After all, a single clap in the “real world” would be sarcasm.


I realize the above may seem like shameless “clap-bait,” but I can assure you that’s not my intention. I just feel odd multi-clapping when so many appear only to clap once, like Edwardian spinsters summoning “the help.”

And yes, you’re right; in reality, 3 or 4 claps would still feel sarcastic.